« Under the hood: tricks, hacks and techniques that make Quarkus so enjoyable and fast »
15:40 - 16:30
Amphi 300

When we talk about Quarkus, we generally mention what a great platform it is for micro-services, or web applications, and we show how much effort went into the developer experience and all the fancy things it does to make you more productive and happier.

Well, this talk isn’t about that. This talk explains how Quarkus achieves that. This talk will explain the challenges we faced when developing Quarkus and all those times where we pushed the boundaries of what it was possible to do, just to make our user’s lives easier.

We will talk about bytecode scanning, indexing, modification, working around Java language and bytecode limitations, generating native code, as well as elegant or hacky techniques employed by Quarkus to solve interesting problems.

Come to see how the magic is made: behind the scenes. You may be amazed, or scared, but you’re bound to learn a thing or two 🙂.