« SQL: the basic concepts without myths »
09:00 - 12:00
Salle 129

SQL is back. War is over with NoSQL. But after the marketing battles, learning SQL was neglected and many myths remain: not ideal for building an efficient data persistence! We will cover the basics of SQL databases, only the facts, to understand the power of SQL, and how to use it efficiently.

The basic principles of SQL, avoiding any academic approach (no normal forms, no long theory on isolation levels). Only the facts, to understand the usefulness of SQL databases for a developer, and their effective usage.

Answering this kind of questions:

  • Should we fear joins and denormalize thoroughly?
  • Is it wrong to put UUIDs everywhere?
  • Should I upgrade to Repeatable Read isolation? Or Serializable?
  • My DBA tells me that ORMs are absolute evil, but they save my life in dev, what to do?
  • Should I avoid stored procedures at all costs? - Can complex SQL be debugged?
  • I only use standard SQL, is my application DBMS-agnostic?